How close is the Cascade to an original Standel 25L15, or the new reissues?
Why no 807ís?
Why the tweed style cabinet/chassis?
Does the amp sound like Chetís?
What if I have more questions?

"How close is the Cascade to an original Standel 25L15, or the new reissues?"
Cosmetically, the Cascade is not attempting to look like an original. The Cascade is an effort to capture the tone of the originals Ė and itís designed on the 25L15 schematic as possible. Letís say itís 98% identical to the original schematic.

Tone-wise, the Cascade is on par with the reissues and the originals. The reissues arenít even that faithful to the originals, so itís a bit of a moot point. The 25L15 was, historically, a constantly changing amp Ė all custom built for individual players of different instruments.

We have done a lot of research of original Standel schematics to come up with the current design, and done a bit of our own tweaking, without changing to the tone, but to shape it to meet the expectations of each customer.

"Why no 807ís?"
I offer 807ís if the customer wants them. I donít like to appear that Iím skimping on some crucial component in the sound of the originals. On paper, and in the amp, the 6L6 and 807 are both the same to my ears and meters. I will build the amp with 807ís if the buyer wishes, at their expense. 807ís look sweet, can handle a bit more voltage, but are so similar to 6L6ís that itís hard to justify the extra expense and inconvenience of using a tube that is not readily available. And also, many feel the 807, with its plate cap, is not as rugged or safe as a 6L6.

"Why the tweed style cabinet/chassis?"
Cost and convenience. Itís solid pine, finger jointed, itís super light and resonant. The chassis is also really nice Ė again, the idea was to find a way to make an amp that sounded like the original Standel, but at half the price of the reissue. Mission accomplished. And also, thereís just no need for two chassisí. I feel this is an improvement, an cleans and neatens things up Ė and makes the amp more reliable and convenient to transport, repair, etc.

"Does the amp sound like Chetís?"
Yes. This has been our biggest challenge Ė Iíve worked with many, many extremely knowledgeable technicians/guitarists who have been seeking his elusive tone Ė and feel that the design of the current Cascade will get you exactly what youíve heard on record.

The challenge was that Chet had a special amp Ė it is currently in the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. No one knows what was going on with his particular amp. Paul Yandell claimed Chetís 25L15 sounded better than his own did. If you listen to all the recordings made with Standels Ė youíll know that there was something magical happening with Chetís amp.

The Cascade has it Ė the ďsecretĒ is not in the original schematic, but through much deliberating and research, we determined what the secret was. So yes, the Cascade is, in essence, a magical sounding amp.

"What if I have more questions?"
Email me at owen@invictainstruments.com.

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