The "Cascade"

The InVicta "Cascade" is an idealized recreation of the original 1953
Standel 25L15 circuit. The InVicta Cascade is a 25-watt, true Class A, all
tube, point-to-point wired, hi-fidelity guitar amplifier borrowed from Bob
Crooks’ hand-drawn schematics of the August, 1953 Standel 25L15. The
Cascade is faithful to the original 25L15, with its cathode-bias,
Williamson derived circuitry, and clear, sparkling tone. That elusive
sound captured on countless Nashville recording sessions lives on in the

The Weber California 15” (JBL D130 clone) speaker helps give the Cascade
its rich, loud, clear voice. It’s a workhorse recording amp, and fills out
medium sized clubs with aplomb. Its warm, brilliant tone suits many
styles: Jazz, Country, Blues, and Rock. It overdrives smoothly, with mongo
headroom and volume that belies its size. Its tone has a magical
Vox/Marshall top end, mixed with Blackface era clarity, and Tweed era
warmth – but with a smoother, more refined sound overall.

The Cascade is housed in a single chassis, mounted in a Tweed Pro cabinet.
A Presence control has been added, and the “Hide-A-Jack” (a darker voiced
channel) relocated to the top panel, making the amp now equally friendly
for single coils and humbuckers. This layout gives an extended tonal
range, increased reliability, safety, ease of use and maintenance. The
obsolete 807 tubes used in some 25L15’s are replaced with their successor,
and much safer 6L6GC. The internals are built with top shelf components:
Xicon carbon composition/metal film resistors, fiber eyelet boards,
solid-core cloth covered wire, Alpha pots, Switchcraft jacks, and Carling
Switches. Paper interleaved Mojotone transformers, Matched
Electro-Harmonix tubes, Sprague/TAD and Illinois capacitors. The cabinet
is dove-tailed solid pine, with a smooth tolex covering, and vintage style
grill cloth. The effect is a handsome, lightweight and resonant amp.
Overall, the Cascade weighs in at a svelte 43 pounds.

The venerable Charlie Hall, an experienced audio equipment designer and
expert on vintage Standel designs, lent his professional hand in the
Cascade’s refinements, using computer aided tools to perfect it to the
original schematic. For those who want that sound we’ve all loved and
wanted, it’s here at a price less than a comparable hand built Tweed amp.
For those who want to stand apart from the crowd, with a sound that rivals
the best vintage amps, the Cascade beckons.

Visit InVicta Musical Instruments online for sample sound clips and search
Youtube for demonstrations. I am also the owner of O.C. Duff Hand Wound
Pickups, and build each Cascade myself, to high tolerances and exacting
standards. The InVicta Cascade incorporates the best of the 1953 Standel
25L15 circuitry in a logical, efficient, streamlined package.

Guaranteed: Since you can't demo the amp in person, I offer a 3-day trial
period - I will accept returns, at your cost, with the amp in the same
condition as pictured. All amps have a 30-day warranty on tubes and
speakers, 1-year warranty on transformers, and a Lifetime Warranty on
workmanship/design of circuitry.

The "Cascade"

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